Hong Kong

Off to Hong Kong . Always great to travel here, I was invited by my good friend Austin Who actually has family members out here. Met up for a couple days and had a great time shooting around the city of Kowloon and Hong Kong island also exploring new areas that I haven’t been to even after traveling here for so many years. Until next time Hong Kong!

Tallest Tower In Japan, Kyoto & Kinkaku-ji Gold Temple + Supreme LV

Started our morning early and caught a train to try and get a raffle ticket for the Louis Vuitton Supreme drop. Unfortunately, we got to the area too late and we also had no idea how the raffle system works in Japan so it didn’t help our chances but we decided to try again the next day.

In the meantime, we decided to grab some food at Eggs ‘n Things in Harajuku. I highly recommend this restaurant if you’re looking for an American-style breakfast. After breakfast, we walked around Harajuku and visited a couple streetwear stores like Bape, Supreme, etc. Later that night, we took a train to Oshiage to visit the Skytree Tower. It is the tallest tower/building in Japan and I recommend visiting the mall and the observation tower to view Tokyo from above.

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Tallest Tower In Japan, Supreme LV, Bape, Harajuku + Pick Ups! Japan Day Three 2017
Tallest Tower In Japan, Supreme LV, Bape, Harajuku + Pick Ups! Japan Day Three 2017
Kinkaku-ji Gold Temple in Kyoto & Winning Supreme LV Raffle! Japan Day Four & Five
Kinkaku-ji Gold Temple in Kyoto & Winning Supreme LV Raffle! Japan Day Four & Five

The next morning, we woke up extra early to try our luck with the LV X SUPREME. Unfortunately, luck wasn’t on our side that day.Had to continue our day on a positive note so we took the bullet train to Kyoto. Once we got to Kyoto, we quickly realized that it was hotter and more humid than how the weather was in Tokyo so it felt like I was in a sauna the whole time. It made the trip less enjoyable; nonetheless, I definitely felt happy to be back in Kyoto.

In Kyoto, we visited the Kinkaku-ji Gold Temple. The temple was breathtaking; It was beautiful to be in the presence of something I only see in photos. On the downside, it was hot as hell so I was probably was hallucinating all of that haha.

After spending some time at the temple, we decided to head back to Shibuya since it will take a couple of hours for us to get back to Tokyo. I’m looking forward to spend a whole day in Kyoto the next time I come visit. We ended our night in Tokyo for some dinner and light shopping.

The following day, we woke up early, as we did the last few days trying to win and purchasing anything from the LV x Supreme drop. At this point, I didn’t think luck would be on our side, as on this particular day, colder weather already wasn’t on our side; It was the hottest morning I’ve ever experienced in Japan. Imagine over 8,000 people waiting in line and waiting 2 hours just for us to get an attempt at it.

THE MOMENT OF TRUTH: It was finally my turn: Me being 0.001% of those 8,000 people waiting in line — me, an African-American visiting Japan, got to hit the iPad which you enter the raffle and WON!!!

I was ecstatic and even though Rolo didn’t win but I was hoping to get him something so we can both leave Japan with a bang. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to purchase anything after I won. The instruction was to come back that night at 6:00 pm but, wait for it……my flight back to the US was that night. “FUCK! What am I going to do?” was exactly what I said in my head. I had to change my flight and get a hotel for an extra night. Rolo had to leave that day so once I got situated in my new hotel for the night, I came back to where I was suppose to show up for purchase and just chilled around the area. 6:00 pm came around and those who won the raffle was able to line up and enter the store one at a time.

Watching all of the releases worldwide, I’m sure Japan had the most people and was the most organized. I can only describe it as something you probably have never seen in a Louis Vuitton store, if you ever been in one.On the wall there was LED monitors displaying LV SUPREME monogram it was definitely a cool experience. All the waiting and waking up early for the last three days of my trip led up to me getting only a hat because everything sold out and they weren’t getting new shipments 😿. At the end of the day, this trip — with the great memories I made being back in Japan — and the experience was worth it.

Japan Osaka

These posts have been long overdue but every week I will be posting new content. This trip was back in 2017 when I went with my friend Rolo back to Japan. It was our second time going together; the first time was the year before but with a bigger group. By now I've been a couple times and knew how to get around. We decided to do new things I've never tried so it was definitely a new experience, luckily he vlogs and I'm just the entertainment. These vlogs means so much just to look back on life and reminisce on that experience. If you would like to view his videos, I will post one below and you can watch the series which I think are great. 
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We woke up early on our first day and headed to Osaka. We booked a bullet train that takes about four hours from our current location which is in Shibuya, Tokyo. Before getting on the train, he ordered some food at a local spot that we like. Finally after a couple hours on the bullet train, we arrived at Osaka and started to venture around before heading to the Osaka Castle. Making this trip around summertime wasn’t the best idea. It was so hot and humid that we were sweating non-stop which was nasty but we made the best out of it. The castle was beautiful; It was surrounded by water and the views from top was gorgeous. After leaving the castle, we went to the sneaker store, k-Skit, to check out and see if they have anything nice. We didn’t end up getting anything but it was still good to be back. Part 2 tomorrow; Stay tuned.