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Hong Kong

Off to Hong Kong . Always great to travel here, I was invited by my good

Tallest Tower In Japan, Kyoto & Kinkaku-ji Gold Temple + Supreme LV

Started our morning early and caught a train to try and get a raffle ticket

Japan Osaka

These posts have been long overdue but every week I will be posting new content.

Japan for the weekend

Took a spontaneous trip to Japan for a couple days to take photos, eat great

New York, New York

Big city of dream. New York in the winter time is magical especially if you go

Japan Day 2

We started off our morning waking up around 6 a.m to get the day started.

Japan Day 1

I haven’t been updating my website in so long! But I need to change that

Days in Chicago

Back like I’m 45  (That’s a Jordan reference) Out of all the places I’ve been going

This past weekend

This weekend was one of the better weekends I’ve had in a while since I’ve

Sunset with friends

I’ve been neglecting to post any photos for months now and it’s been getting to

Trip with friends

Was honored to be in a gallery show in downtown San Francisco close to market

Show around

Dom text me letting me know that he was coming down from Sacramento with Ryan