Big city of dream.
New York in the winter time is magical especially if you go around Christmas time. However, if you go around the time pass the New Years crowd, you will still find yourself having lots of fun. I caught an early morning flight and I left on a sunny day in California and arrived in the snowy season of New York. I love the snow but im not used to it having to live in California all my life. After landing and taking an Uber to Brooklyn, I met up with Altoni and the rest of the family. I put my bags down and went to take some photos. The next day I met up with my boy Basseme; we walked around Brooklyn then went to go eat at Sweet Chicks. Afterwards, we passed by this basketball court which was super dope to me. When we turned around and parked, I seen a son and his father shooting hoops. Definitely had the ball is life vibe. It was really beautiful to see in 20° weather a father and a son having a fun time playing basketball. Before they even got to play basketball, the father and son wipe away the snow on the court with a cardboard box just to shoot around. They also let me use their basketball for a picture aha.

We then headed to Manhattan and took some more photos. Then got dropped off and was shooting around New York for the rest of the night. I ended up getting a DJI Mavic and finishing the night at Hell’s Kitchen with some soul food and watching the Warriors game. Until next time New York.

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