These posts have been long overdue but every week I will be posting new content. This trip was back in 2017 when I went with my friend Rolo back to Japan. It was our second time going together; the first time was the year before but with a bigger group. By now I’ve been a couple times and knew how to get around. We decided to do new things I’ve never tried so it was definitely a new experience, luckily he vlogs and I’m just the entertainment. These vlogs means so much just to look back on life and reminisce on that experience. If you would like to view his videos, I will post one below and you can watch the series which I think are great. 
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We woke up early on our first day and headed to Osaka. We booked a bullet train that takes about four hours from our current location which is in Shibuya, Tokyo. Before getting on the train, he ordered some food at a local spot that we like. Finally after a couple hours on the bullet train, we arrived at Osaka and started to venture around before heading to the Osaka Castle. Making this trip around summertime wasn’t the best idea. It was so hot and humid that we were sweating non-stop which was nasty but we made the best out of it. The castle was beautiful; It was surrounded by water and the views from top was gorgeous. After leaving the castle, we went to the sneaker store, k-Skit, to check out and see if they have anything nice. We didn’t end up getting anything but it was still good to be back. Part 2 tomorrow; Stay tuned.

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