I haven’t been updating my website in so long! But I need to change that starting with my trip to Japan this is day one not many images but day two will be about five times as much as this post. Anyways back to my journey to Japan. Woke up headed to get some breakfast and airport with Altoni and Sarah once we got to the airport we met up with Eric Rolo and Mindy. I ended up sitting in front of them while they were slightly in the rear of the airplane once we landed we took a train to Shibuya. From there we walked to the Airbnb after getting slightly lost. Once we put our luggage down we left the Airbnb and found a ramen shop. It was basically a machine that you select your entrée off of. Then you give your ticket to the lady we were actually pretty confused and probably looked stupid but ended up figuring it out after somebody else did so then took our seat. I ended up ordering potstickers and they all ordered Ramen looking back at this experience I wish I would’ve ordered Ramen another interesting fact in Japan their eggs are orange I mean extremely orange. In the US there more yellow. After eating we headed around Shibuya to wonder around for the rest of the night. Stay tuned for the next post!

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