Days in Chicago

Back like I’m 45 

(That’s a Jordan reference) Out of all the places I’ve been going this year which I haven’t been actively posting on my website. Chicago has to be the most frequent place I have been this year this has to be the third or fourth time I can’t really even remember now. One day I’m at work and I’m talking to Phillip and he tells me they’re going to Chicago and I was like oh shit! I will not mind going back there since I love Chicago and I have family out there anyways, so I ended up tagging along with everyone it was about 10 of us and this would be the first time traveling with a big group of people like this going to take photos. Definitely will be an interesting trip considering getting on Rooftops and lurking.

 Once I landed at the airport I had it to the hostel and met up with everyone there. We immediately got ready and Aaron took us to a rooftop that was pretty close by. For about 15 to 20 minutes we climbed up and got to the top finally. At the top of the building there was water and everyone loves reflection so that took a while aha. We ended up staying up the whole night from when I got there at 10 we lurked around Chicago until the next morning to catch sunrise and also meet up with Chicago Instagramers. It definitely was a long night but fun only complaint I have was it being really cold and feeling like a zombie for sunrise. We over back to the hostel took a nap then met up with everyone to get Shake shack and lurked around the city.

 For sunset we went to the Hancock building to 360 Chicago for A beautiful sunset. After that we walked around and went to Nike town and Jordan store. Some of the group went to sleep and some of us stayed around to shoot. The next morning we woke up around five something and headed to the bean to catch sunrise . After that we went to Wildberry which I have been with Altoni so I know this place is good. While everyone else was going to Willis Tower I was trying to find a way to get it for free but the coupon expire so I just took a nap. I am glad I did because the lines were crazy. 

Me and Alex overslept but we ended up getting to the airport for them to take helicopter flights over Chicago for sunset and night time I didn’t fly sadly. Once they were done I picked hash house to go go And we all got food comas while watching drunk people go to the hospital very entertaining and slightly pathetic. Once we left the restaurant we went around and took photos downtown and got into some cool places along the way.

Enjoy the photos it’s about 90 of them and there nothing spectacular but more just documenting my trip for the most part most of these are quick edits.
Heres a video by joe lee IG( @joeleephotos ) from are chicago trip 

This past weekend

This weekend was one of the better weekends I’ve had in a while since I’ve been working every day I don’t really have a chance to hang out with my friends or go out but this weekend was really cool . On Halloween I was working on my car and got a text message about fog over the Golden gate Bridge I am mediately check the camera and there was low fog so I booked a helicopter flight and went up with Alex and Ozzie. I raced over the San Mateo bridge and wine I got to the airport the fog had disappeared. I was pretty disappointed but i’m really glad I went up because there was low fog in downtown San Francisco that’s pretty rare it usually is low around sutro tower and the Goldengate but rarely is low in the city. After we flew we decided to head to San Francisco to meet up with some of the homies . Once we got there everyone was out trick-or-treating and it was hard to find parks. We ended up grabbing some burgers then going to play pool. I haven’t play pool in a long time but it was definitely fun. 

The next day I hung out with Altoni and we went to The city to meet up with a couple of friends at off the grid. After that we drove to Sutro baths and ended up going to the nowrongwaySF Instagram meet it was about a mile and a half hike. Once we got down there it was pretty gloomy and cold but it was actually the first time I’ve been down there kind of cool to see something I actually have not seen in San Francisco. After hiking back up in the dark we went to go eat Mexican food. We ended up chilling there for a while having fun and talking. Once we got up we decided to go back to the pool hall  so overall it was a very fun weekend! Enjoy the photos.