Sunset with friends

I’ve been neglecting to post any photos for months now and it’s been getting to me. So I’m going to try my best to change that. These photos are a couple months old but I’m trying to catch up on post in order. These photos are from San Francisco area in Milpita’s area with Ryan and Austin enjoy the photos.

Trip with friends

Was honored to be in a gallery show in downtown San Francisco close to market street at a pop up shop! Chris created this event and it turned out great! Lots of familiar faces and a good atmosphere. I can’t wait to do more gallery shows this year that’s one thing I am trying to do more of,  well goals that I am setting for myself. I also made a video for the gallery show. Take a look!!

Went on a nature outing with Nate, Jerome, Jose, Austin, Adam and Justin. We went out to Pacifica to see the Pacific ocean not trying to be to Specific about The avenger (JOKE) aha. I’ve been here about two times first time I went was last year on Thanksgiving day and the reason I remember I usually go to my families gathering for Thanksgiving but before I did that we went out to shoot anyway I’m getting off subject! This time around it was not as overcast and dark. It was a fun adventure with the homies.